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Tree Issues

Identifying a dead or dying tree is crucial in maintaining the health and safety of your property

HOW TO IDENTIFY A DEAD OR DYING TREE One of the best parts of spring is watching the seasonal deciduous trees begin to sprout with their new green foliage. However, there may be one or two trees in your backyard or on your property that you have been wondering about!
HOW DO I TELL IF THIS TREE IS ALIVE, DYING OR DEAD?   Unfortunately, not all trees get to grow into a ripe old age. For every mature tree in the forest, there are tons of seedlings and saplings that do not make it. So, what are the common causes of death for most trees?
  • Poor or adverse environment.
  • Diseases and harmful insects.
  • Environmental disasters and events.
WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF A DYING TREE? While there are many signs of a dying tree, here are a few that you might be able to spot and identify on your own:
  • Vertical cracks or seams in a tree’s trunk.
  • Areas where bark has fallen off and instead of growing back, it has become smooth.
  • Brown and brittle branches that easily break off.
  • Mushrooms or fungal growth.
  • Bark that is peeling or cracking.
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